Molly and the Monster is available from May 1st to June 1st as a Pay-What-You-Want PDF!

You can also buy the book, if you’re so inclined ($20 for US/Canada, shipping and doodle included). And it’s all accessible from this handy splash page I made, too: http://mikejwitz.com/molly.html

I put a lot of heart into this, and hope you enjoy reading it as much as I had making it. Feedback is always appreciated! I’ll keep an eye on the #Molly and the Monster tag for any comments, critiques, fan art, or shout outs!

Remember, the pay-what-you-want deal ends at the end of this month. Help spread the word. If anything, it’s a free comic! How awesome is that?

Molly and the Monster might be one of the best comics I’ve read this year, and I’m not just saying that because Mike is a good friend of mine (also there might be some fanart by myself in this book).  It is one of the sweetest stories out there, acceptable for any age group!  Please consider getting this book, I’d hate for anyone to miss out on it.  Mike will also be at TCAF this year, so if you’re going you could also consider getting it there!  Even I might have a little something ready…



Thinkin’ a lot about my papa lately.  This April it’ll be ten years since his passing.  He was a bench jeweler and told the best stories.  This is what I remember him looking like.

Mucking around with the idea of having my thesis film be about him, but I guess we’ll see.

EDIT: added another picture, fooled around with him some more after I got some more reference.  Really sentimental right now ahh