I’ve been incredibly busy!  This has been a crazy summer, but I’m back at school getting ready to prep for the third year film.

My pitched idea was that a chef at a fancy restaurant has to recook a picky customer’s steak because it wasn’t rare enough, and got so angry he pushed a live cow to his table.  It turns out that he’s actually a werewolf, and we’re at a spooky restaurant!  The chef could have also been a cyclops or something.

The idea wasn’t picked, but I’m coming up with some spin-off ideas now.  I’m sorry I’ve ignored this blog for so long, it’s not that I haven’t been drawing, it’s that I’ve been so busy doing so much I don’t know what to put up anymore!

Anyways, expect a film from myself and a bunch of other awesome Sheridan students sometime this year.

A bunch of schools got together and created bumpers for taafi.  Very hesitant to show this as I really didn’t do too much work on it, but here is what I was working on for most of May alongside several other Sheridan students including Pierre Vanderweerd, Melody Wang, Chris Yau, and Ricardo Regalado.  

I was basically in charge of rough-animating the man, and I helped very little on cleanup.  The rest of the team carried this, and you should check out their stuff because they put a lot of hard work into this!

Studies for a storyboard project for Leo Matsuda’s Skillshare Class.

This is going to be a fun experience!  I’m really excited to flex my storyboarding muscles, and thankfully this has been the project that has beaten me out of my dumb art funk.  If you want to keep updated on small changes or you want to see me go more in depth about the project, you can follow my project on Skillshare, but I’m still going to post stuff when it’s finished here.

Thank you all for still following me even though I’ve been so silent these last couple months.  Things have been rough for me, but I’m finally getting through the worst of it.  I’m excited to be back!